20th Digital Studio/Bite-Size Halloween Short

Season 2, episode 7
Written & Directed by Ursula Ellis

While working deep in a West Virginia coal mine, Diana is exposed to a mysterious gas that seeps into her everyday life.

Occupational Hazard

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A hybrid of fiction and non-fiction, includes the short story and the screenplay adaptation, plus photos of film and an act of TV pilot script. Two bonus stories. 

A Journey of Adaptation

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Drama, International • 50 min • 13+

Defined by Australia's stark landscape and her bleak future, Angela makes a decision that alters her life forever. Life is what you decide. 


Hillbilly Chocolate: a little ol' story

Aunt Edith's homemade chocolate cake brings back memories of brotherly love and pranks at a family Fourth of July picnic. Grab the Kindle edition on Amazon!

Christmas Tradition

In a small Appalachian town, an elderly mother embarks on her annual Christmas tradition, a journey through time and the Korean War, arriving at an unexpected destination.

"A believable story about a young woman trying to better herself. I am American, but I am very familiar with this area... Sometimes going into service might be just about the only way out for kids like Angela...A very realistic, sad, but at the end Angela had plotted her course."

"A moving film, the emotional impact building in a very engrossing way. Wonderful actors in a believable and difficult story. The music written for the film enhanced it a great deal. Angela will stay with me. I think you will be glad you watched it too."

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There's a number of reasons why this story is worth your time and 99 cents, but possibly the most pleasant surprise is that unlike so many American Korean War vet narratives, it actually puts Koreans and the pain they suffered from the war back in the story.


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