Screenwriter and co-producer

Writer Gena Ellis
Director Mat King
Producer by Kate Croser 
Producer by Mat King
Co-producer Gena Ellis
DOP Aaron Gully
Composer Christopher Slaski
Composer & Vocals Liam Gerner

Starring Rhiannon Owen and Xavier Samuel
Featuring Carmel Johnson, Sarah Brokensha,
Patrick Graham, Stephen Degenaro

Filmed in Australia

Defined by Australia’s beautiful but desolate landscape and her bleak future after waiting for her boyfriend to return home from the army, Angela makes decisions that will alter her life forever. Adapted from Gena’s short story, Billy’s Return.


Los Angeles Independent Film Festival (Second); Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival (Gold); Tupelo Film Festival (Winner: Best of Show); Australian Cinematographers Society (Gold); FilmMakers' American Gem (Top 25); Phoenix Film Festival; Garden State Film Festival (Music Finalist); George Lindsey Film Festival (Second); Niche Music and Film Festival; Bennie Kent Film Festival (Winner); University of Oklahoma Showcase. 


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Occupational Hazard

While working deep in a West Virginia coal mine, Diana is exposed to a mysterious gas that seeps into her everyday life.

20th Digital Studio/Bite-Size Halloween Short

Location Manager- filmed in WV

Available now on Hulu (Season 2, episode 7)



2022 Final Girls Berlin Film Festival (Germany)

Written & Directed by Ursula Ellis

Starring Virginia Newcomb & Ben Long

Produced by Megan Leonard & Katie White

Cinematography by Travis LaBella

Stuck at Home 48 Hour Global Film Challenge – April 17-19, 2020

Some people sing to their own tune. Even when they're singing someone else's song.

Violet Annie Getty seems to have a secret admirer but she sings to her own tune, including when she's singing someone else's song and waitressing. And that's just fine with her in this family-friendly dark comedy with lots of pet romping.

No pets were harmed in this film but they were fed plenty of treats.

Thanks and apologies to Bon Jovi. Enjoy!

Filmed & edited with a cracked Samsung Note 9

Gena Ellis- Writer, Director, Producer, Actor, DOP, Editor

(every other job the seven 4-legged supporting actors didn’t do)

Filmed in West Virginia


She’s Halfway There

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Fay In The Life Of Dave

Writer and Co-Producer Gena Ellis

Head Writer John Boni
Writer Darrell C. Hazelrig


During West Virginia's 2014 Elk River chemical spill, a first-generation college student charged with the care of her rebellious younger sister instead becomes consumed by an issue with their water supply. 

Starring Rebeca Robles, Chloe Roe and Van Hansis

Written and directed by Ursula Ellis

Produced by Ben Gojer, Kiera Kyoto Lewis, Emerson Nosek, and Nadia Zoe

Co-Produced by Gena Ellis 

Cinematography by Nick Perron-Siegel

Edited by Russell Yaffe

Co-producing my daughter’s graduate thesis film on location in my hometown of Summersville, WV and on her dad’s family farm in Alderson was an amazing experience. Much gratitude for the support from my hometown and statewide from logistics to casting calls and so much more. WV’s beauty shines on screen and behind the scenes.

About  Crick in the Holler


A 2017 Columbia MFA Thesis & Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Short Production Grant Film
March on Washington Film Festival; Green Mountain Film Festival; ChesapeakeFilm Festival;Tupelo Film Festival (Winner, Best Student Short); Beloit International Film Festival; Columbia University Film Festival (Winner: IFP Audience Choice Award & Faculty Jury Honors); Woodstock Film Festival; Citizen Jane Film Festival; Cucalorus Film Festival; Lone Star Film Festival, Ft. Worth, TX (Winner: Best Student Short); Screencraft Short Film Production Fund Semifinalist

For George on His 30th Birthday


Written and Directed by Ursula Ellis

Produced by Emerson Nosek and Ben Gojer

Co-Produced by Gena Ellis

Starring Michael Esper and Allie Gallerani

Cinematography by Nick Perron-Siegel

Edited by Russell Yaffe and Ryan Westphal

In the suburban South of the not-so-distant past, a former MySpace famous musician turned disgruntled pizza place employee, George, spends a strange night with Deena, a sort-of ex-girlfriend and used-to-be fan.


2018 Denver Film Festival (Liberty Global Domestic Student Filmmaker Award nominee)

2019 Lone Star Film Festival (Ft. Worth, TX)

2018 Columbia University MFA Proof-of-Concept Short Film. Filmed on location in Huntsville and Madison, AL.

Ursula Ellis Films


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